If you are like a lot of business owners and marketing executives, you’ve asked yourself “Do I really need a blog?” The answer is unequivocally YES!  If for no other reason than a blog will increase traffic to your website and improve your ability to get found by your customers.  As Google continues to refine it search algorithms, fresh, relevant content on your site, usually through a blog, is the most effective way to organically drive traffic to your site.

But if that’s not enough to convince you, there are some other very important benefits for your business that blogging creates:

1. Blogging Will Improve Your Presentation Skills

When you blog several times a month about your area of expertise or your business sector, you will make very important discoveries about the gaps in your knowledge. You’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your ability to explain your products, your processes and how people can benefit from them. To write effective blogs, you will find yourself staying more up to date on what is going on in your field. As you improve your blogging skills, you will naturally improve your ability to explain features and benefits more succinctly.

2. Blogging Helps Qualify Your Leads

Business blogs should be written to inform prospects. The tone is not one of selling, it is one of educating. Put quality blog content on your website that is effective at telling people what they want to know when they are trying to research the products and services that you sell. When you hear from a prospect, use your website’s visitor and leads analysis to see how many of your blogs they have read.  Those prospects that have read a lot of pages on your blog are probably closer to buying than those who only viewed a page or two. More pages read means likely a prospect closer to making a buying decision.

3. Blogging Can Sharpen Your Company’s Focus

As you continue to blog, you will organically become more familiar with your true areas of expertise. Because the purpose of business blogging is to answer the questions your target customers have, you will continue to realize your company’s strengths and thus the customers you can most likely help. Blogging makes you realize the areas you know best.  The more that you blog, the more you will really start to own your expertise and that can really help you target your business to the right customers for you.

4. Blogs Create Content for Social Media and Other Sales Materials

A lot of business owners want to make use of social media but do not have the resources or time to devote much energy to those sites. However, blogging is a very efficient way to provide consistent, quality content for your company’s Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Google Plus account. You sales staff can also use links to your blogs in their communications to prospects and customers. Links to the ongoing updates from your blogs are a great way to keep your sales and promotional material fresh.

5. A Blog Humanizes Your Company

While the “About Us” page and “Testimonials” on your website will give visitors important information about you and your work, nothing shows who the people are behind the company as thoroughly as a blog. A blog is one of the best ways to establish your expertise on all of the services or products that you have on other areas of your site. As you blog, you can develop your own voice so that people will already know what to expect when they contact you.

There is no question that blogging can help you get found through organic search and thus drive traffic to your site.  A well-done business blog can definitely generate more leads, more clients and more business. And the next time you ask “Do I really need a blog?”, don’t forget these other reasons why blogging works.

To learn more about how Maitri can help you start or improve your website content and online marketing, contact us for a free evaluation.

To learn more about how Maitri can help you start or improve your website content and online marketing, contact us for a free evaluation.
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