Our approach to an internet marketing strategy is rooted firmly in the importance of understanding a client’s goals and developing a clearly defined plan base on those goals.  If you don’t develop a map of how to you intend to get to your destination, you’ll never get there. The single biggest mistake digital marketers make is executing internet marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing without having taken the time to determine the real business purpose of the client’s web presence.

Our Process

Why are your customers buying from you right now?

We start our process by trying to understand why you started your business, what it’s purpose is and how it emotionally connects to people. In all branding and positioning, the why is the most important question. And to create an effective internet strategy for your business, we start with the question that all of your most loyal customers can answer- why do they by from you?

What are your biggest challenges?

All businesses have pain points – challenges and opportunities they aren’t maximizing with their current marketing. We start with developing a clear understanding of your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Only by getting to the specifics of your these, along with the resources you have and the timing you have in mind, can we prescribe a plan that it likely to be successful.

Are you getting found?

When we first meet with you, we will offer a competitor assessment, a review of your online presence as a whole and how your website currently looks on mobile devices. Are you positioning your business and its products and services where your customers are on-line?

Are you converting prospects into customers?

In addition to getting found on-line, you also need to make sure you are converting prospects into customers. We will look at some key performance indicators that will help us understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. Looking at things like Cost Per Acquisition, Bounce Rate, Checkout Abandonment Rate and Macro Conversion Rate can tell us a lot. Oftentimes there are some low hanging fruit in these areas that with some attention can be turned around and have a big impact to the bottom line.

Where do you want your business to be in five years? Ten years?

We help our customers understand that while there may be some short term adjustments that have impact, successful internet marketing is requires a long term view. If a company invests in an integrated, organic strategy, it will return results and strong value for years to come.  If an internet marketing company makes lofty promises of quick turnarounds and big immediate results, be wary. There are no magic bullets. But there are best practices that if well implemented, will pay off in new customers and more conversions.

We also provide you with internet marketing solutions that you will not need us around to continue to implement successfully. While we will always be available to continue to guide and re-adjust programs as necessary, with website solutions such as WordPress, you get they keys to the car and you’ll have tools that can grow as your business grows.

Are you staying on top of the latest internet marketing trends?

The world of internet marketing is constantly and very quickly evolving. If your website is just a few years old even, it is likely not performing as it should be, especially for where most prospects are now- on their smart phone. We stay on top of all of the latest trends so our customers won’t have to.

By the way...what does the word Maitri mean?

Maitri (my-tree) is a Sanskrit term generally defined as kindness and friendliness to oneself and others. To develop this characteristic, Buddhism and other traditions suggest listening and looking beyond the surface of people and problems. We try to bring a non-hurried, thoughtful and in-depth approach to helping our clients.

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