Meditation in the iGeneration

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Meditation in the iGeneration

Business Need:

Meditation in the iGeneration, How to Meditate in a World of Speed and Stress is the most recent book written by Andrew Holecek.  This book, Mr. Holecek’s third, is a book that tells the reader exactly what meditation is, dispels the myths of what it is not, and provides instruction that anyone can do and benefit from.  This project is unique in the fact that Mr. Holecek chose to self-publish this book, so we worked with him on all aspects of production, distribution, promotion and online marketing.


Research and implement all aspects of self-publishing, including book design, production, distribution.  Then, update Mr. Holecek’s author platform (website, social media, public relations, outreach) to effectively drive awareness and sales with a extensive online book marketing effort.


Elements of Project:

  • Managed book design and layout process with experienced freelancers.
  • Obtained distribution, both physical and ebook formats, on all online booksellers, from Amazon to the smaller independents, through CreateSpace and Ingram Spark.
  • Launched a website specifically to support the book on WordPress platform making sure it was SEO compliant, mobile ready and easy for him to manage.
  • Developed a blog strategy including re-purposing some book content, editing his author blogs and posting audio and video blogs.
  • Utilized all of the author’s existing social media and email database to create initial demand with his inner circle.
  • Earned media placement through Buddhist and meditation publications and websites as well as taking advantage of meditation’s current popularity with lifestyle, business and even broadly distributed publications and websites.