Inbound Marketing

Attract, Convert, Close, Delight.

The Way People Purchase Has Changed

Where does today’s customer go when they are researching a product or service to buy? They type in a word or phrase in their favorite search engine and wait to see what comes up. The growth of technology has made it easier than ever to ignore traditional marketing like advertising and direct mail and has made inbound marketing the new paradigm. Maitri’s inbound marketing services can help you to:  Increase Your Web Traffic, Convert Your Web Visitors Into Qualified Leads, Nurture Your Patient Leads Into Becoming Customers and Analyze and Measure Every Step.

Drive Traffic

Inbound marketing starts with increasing traffic to you website. You do this by combining well optimized content, frequent blogging and sharing blogs on social media. Companies that blog at least 20 times per month generate 5x more traffic than those that blog only a few times per month. As customers research products and services online, a blog is the easiest, most effective way to get them to find your content. Sharing your blog posts on social networks is key to getting more traffic and more customers to your website. We’ll make sure all of these bases are covered to get more visitors to your site.

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Convert Website Visitors Into Leads

Lead conversion is done through offering premium content that engages the visitor in a relationship with you. You’ll need to create compelling offers that engage prospects regardless of  whether they are just starting to research or are ready to buy. The key tools are effective landing pages, strong calls-to-action and compelling offers. If you are seriously considering your website as a tool for growing your business, lead conversion with inbound marketing is a necessity. And the best thing about successful inbound marketing is that your website is working for you, like a full-time salesperson, attracting and qualifying leads, and then delivering them to you for the final qualification and close.

Grow Sales

In order to have the highest conversion rate possible of website visitors to customers, you need to take that extra step to engage them. Calls to action need to be on your emails, newsletters, press releases, blog posts, social media updates and more. Landing pages are like 24/7, 365 days a year sales people, but they have to designed correctly and A/B tested often. As a contact progresses through their buying process, they can be marketed to in a way that is both relevant and interesting to them. We’ll help you with list segmentation and lead nurturing so that your current  database works harder for you and is more effective at driving revenue.

Measure Results

With the help of web analytics, marketers can track what is working and what isn’t.  Unfortunately, all too often, business owners spend money on websites or online advertising, but fail to set up the right metrics, so they have no idea how well they’re performing. We’ll help you remove the guesswork. We will show you how to measure every part of your marketing activities. We’ll measure website performance with Google Analytics as well as measuring the effectiveness of your SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing and lead nurturing efforts.  At Maitri, we are very cognizant of every marketing dollar our clients spend and what the results are.  We’ve helped our clients gain actionable insights and shown them how to use these to increase the return on investment of their online efforts.